1 ½ hours or two games (whatever comes first)       
Shoes and Gutter Bumpers 
$9.00 per child

1 ½ hours or two games (whatever comes first)
Shoes and Gutter Bumpers
Hot Dog or Corn Dog, Fries, Small Soda​
$12.75 per child

1 ½ hours or two games (whatever comes first)
Shoes and Gutter Bumpers
Pizza and Small Soda​
$12.75 per child​

​​Food and Beverage must be purchased from Lariat Lanes.  

Cake and ice cream are allowed.  Please no other outside food or beverages,.​​​​
Providing family fun since 1958

Rental Choices:
We have a couple of different packages that we offer. You can choose to
reserve the building for 2-4 hours Sunday through Thursday during the
summer or during the weekday, or if you prefer a Friday or Saturday evening,
you can choose from 3-5 hours. Rates vary from day, evening, or weekend,
and are charged per hour.
​Weekdays, $240/hr;
Weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) $360/hr.

Choose your type of music:
Lariat Lanes now has XM Satellite Radio! Choose the music that you want to
hear at your party! With over 150 different music stations to choose from, we
have your favorite music available, or bring in your i-pod with your favorite
songs and we will play that during your party.

Want to have atomic fun?
Our Atomic Bowling is fun for everyone. We turn up the music and turn down
the lights! With the fog and laser lights, you’re sure to have a stellar
experience. You can request to have your entire party Atomic or maybe just the last half!

How to book your private party:
Booking your party experience is easy and convenient.

Simply call us we will do our best to accommodate your times and requests.
The only thing we require in order to reserve your time is a $100 deposit on the rental fee.

Once all your information is set up, you only need to show up for the party and
begin having fun! It’s as simple as that.

So saddle up and ride on in to Lariat Lanes. We’ll be waitin’ to hear from ya!
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